3/29-4/4-Rest Day

Trying to make the best out of doing jack diddly.  Watched a lot of Everybody loves Raymond Reruns and Started on Bob’s Burgers.  Bob’s Burgers is hilarious!!!!!

4/5-Sun-Storm Peak-13mi-(+3,300)

First Run since my 50.  I ran to the top of storm peak and back.  I love running down a groomed slope with just shoes on.  Just Gettin all slippery and bustin shit and hurting small ligaments in my knees and ankles.


4/6-Mon-Spring Creek-5.4 mi (+625ft)

Ditch loop after work.  First non snow run of the year.  A great day indeed!  Well a little post holing…but had a 3 mile stretch where I go to bust out some 6 min miles.  I got all paranoid post holing.  There were moose tracks everywhere, and I know those goofy fuckers love some goat.  I was rushing during the post holing and like sliced my leg.  Then I went the grocery store and some chick was like “EWWWW UR BLOODY” and I looked down and I was all bloody and gross.  I still proceeded to check out with my Kombucha and sour gummie worms….but could see the horror of the girl in my peripheral vision at check out


4/7-Tue-Spring Creek-6mi (+720ft)

Out and Back.  After Work.  Fast Miles Again.  Hamstrings starting to hurt from lack of speed work in 5 months.

4/8-Wed-TIED UP AT WORK-0mi (+0ft)

Some peope have the oppurtunity to train and get by on little work….giving them an ability to put more hours in the mountains.  Not this guy.  I love engineering and making good money.  50-60hr work weeks and running 80+ miles a week….a hard life but hard work is good.  I look up to people who work full time and train and still win….or people that make the best out of the situation they are in.  I know a bus driver who has ran 23 100s.  Thats insane

4/9-Thur-Spring Creek-6mi (+720ft)

Out and Back. Guess I got a little obsessed with this route.  haha.  I had to hurdle some redneck ladies german shepard…she had no control of it and I could telll from half a mile away that he was going to snap at me.  German Shepards are psychos, but are also gorgeous creatues and I would like to jump into a pile of them.

4/10-Fri-Apartment to Spring Creek- 17.5 (+1,900ft)

I am going to start doing flatter runs to prep for leadville.  Staying more consistent with a 8:30 min mile at any grade under 10%.  It was a nice afternoon to put in some miles.


4/11-Sat-Apartment to Fish Creek to Spring Creek=21 mi (+2,400ft)

Looking for my open trails.  Anything on the north side is still icey.  I ended up giving an 84 year old lady a piggy back ride up a hill.  She was having a really hard time but was dead set on seeing Fish Creek Falls.


AM-MadCreek 8mi (+1300ft)

Mad creek is a cool place for early year running.  It is a crazy violent creek carving a canyon into the mountain.  I don’t have any good pics looking down at it because the trail is way up above and the creek is covered in trees.  So heres two pics as seen on my run.



PM-Core Trail Steamboat blvd Loop-10mi (+920ft)

I fucked up my knee or something.  Like 3 miles left I all of a sudden have a weird knee pain.  Stupid.  Dates(the food) are awesome.  Pavement isnt


I find gooey by glass animals to be soooo sexy URGHHGHHGHHGH.  The video is so weird.

I love Chet Faker.  That fucking savage has soul.  The middle girl in the video looks almost exactly like the last girl I dated.  I find it odd but kind of like a good way to spark a memory.  She was a yoga instructor here and I had a 5 week fling with her.  She was so strong and so expressional, I like loved hanging out with her.  She would get mad and throw her hair around…or slap my in the face then kiss me.  I loved that shit haha..  We were dead opposites except for the same tastes in music, which goes further than almost anything else to me.  It is so cool to like lay in bed and just play good music and hang out.


I made a new friend named Eva, who is from the Czeck Republic.  She is a die hard vegan and invited me over for a Vegan Fest.  I learned a lot.  But most of all….I enjoyed everything she made.  It went from Slaw to Tacos to Desserts.  Alll was delicious.


I am big into portabella mushrooms now.  I mixed balsamic vinagrette, garlic, and old bay (thanks lau!) and pour it alll of them and bake. Looks like shit, tastes like power.  Apology for the display…im a 26 year old guy that lives alone and doesn’t know fancy from fried fish.




3/17-Tue-Rest Day (Taper Start!)

3/18-Wed-Fish Creek Loop 10mi (+1,000ft)

10 miles in 1:05

3/19-Thur-Ski Area 5.5mi (+1,100ft)

The slush got down in my shoes and I ended up getting mild frostbite on my pinky toe


Core workout+Yoga+Flexing in Mirror and getting caught by naked old guy.  DUDE-Old dudes don’t give a shit, this dude was swinging his goob right next to me…YUCK

3/21-Mt Werner-13 mi (3,300ft)

Short Shorts, headband, flying up the ski area with my new sauconies…looking like a champ….feeling like one.  People are starting to become familiar with the goat man around here.

3/22-Mt Werner-13 mi (3,300ft)

I wanted to go even faster today than yesterday, but it turned into me busting my ass in the ice at the top, and sliding backwards into a tree about 50 yards down the hill…chris farley style. My thighs smacked together and I bruised my knee.  Some cutie watched the whole showdown as I slid to a finally stopping point on her skis.

3/23-Rest Day (Week of the Race!  FUCK)

Already imagining myself “RUNNING” through the finish.


4miles slow.  Watched American Ninja Warrior on the TV.  Where do these guys come from?  The champs always are the same- Tan Skinny Doctors with Long Hair and they meditate with their yogi wife in their greenhouse out back.


Watched the simpsons with subtitles.  I was trying to read something and got of the treadmill track and fucking lost my footing.  Almost busted it but survived.  Awesome Win for Josh.

3/26-Treadmill-Heavy Stretching-2mi

3/27-Traveling to Moab for BTR50

3/28-BTR50miler-51mi (+5000ft) 

10 hrs YUCK-

“Behind the Rocks Ultras was the Worst Organized Event I have ever ran.  I will never run an event hosted by them ever again”-Everyone who ran it

I had like horrible anxiety of running a 50 miler.  1am: “if I fall asleep now i will get 4 hours of sleep”…2am “if I fall asleep now i will get 3 hours of sleep”….3am: “fuck this I will DNS this fucking shit show”….5am: I wake up “fuck it ill try it anyways, this willl be perfect for leadville100 preparation”.

I show up to the race start sitting in my car thinking, “I should just pretend like I overslept and drive back to the hotel in shame”  Then I hear the race start……FUCK IT.  I took off running 3 minutes after the start.

I felt amazing.  Me and the front 10 people were cruising down a road.  We dropped off our drop bags at aid station 1.  Once the sun started coming up, it was me, Devon, and this Salomon decked out dude.  We went across this canyon wall with vertical drops for a few miles.  It was fucking sweet.  I felt like I was going to get into a shoot out and it was 1880 wild west shit haha.  It was so breathtaking that I whispered and ran quietly.  Eventually our obstacle is climbing down a rock face to an aid station.  This was no running task…This was like a “holy fuck if I slip here it is instant death”  Devon and Soloman dude were like “FUCK YEAH THIS IS AWESOME” so I tried to be cheery along with them as I was puckered up.  We hit the aid station.  Some babe goes “well guys, 8 miles until the next aid station!”  Survivable with my two UD bottles.

Before the next aid station is Jacobs Ladder, one of the coolest sketchiest drops I have ever scrambled down.  I accidently knocked a boulder down it and it missed Salomon guy by like 5 ft (oops, he doesn’t know that though).

After aid station a 4 mile soft sand run around a Mesa and back to the same aid station.  I am hitting 9 min miles and sucking down water as much as possible.  The heat is now getting to me (Coming from steamboat dude….50 degrees warmer than I am used to)

I am now at 3:45 for my marathon time.  “Wow I am gonna be able to run low 8!!!” I was so amped.  Everything felt great.

“How much distance to the next aid station guys?”  They said 5 miles

I make it to 5 (31 total) miles and I am looking around.  Some girl said “Yeah they forgot to put in the aid station, the next one is in 4 miles”


So I cruise up this road while guys in dune buggys are blowing shit in my face.  I survive to the next aid station.  I suck down water, but I am feeling feverish.  I took 3 salt tabs.  Wasn’t sweating.  Fillled up my two water bottles.

And this is where the SHIT SHOW started.  The girl at the aid station told me “you have 8 miles to the next aid station”.

SIDENOTE: Maybe its being 6-3 180, but I need a lot of water.  I can run about 10 miles before I need it, but after that….1 bottle for every 3 miles.

I take off from the aid station.  Back up the sketchy canyon wall from 16+ miles ago.  So dude was to scared to go down it and he kinda like saved my life haha.  I went to jump up and grab the ledge, and every single muscle in my arch, hams, and calves locked up.  I started screaming in pain.  I was about to let go and fucking fall 15 feet backwards and the dude grabbed me.  Thanks man.  He said “fuck this race”.  I got up and started on my way.  Get to mile 41 josh.  Get to mile 41 josh.

I look at my watch


I can still run 8:30.

3 miles since the last aid station and I am out of water.

5 miles without water, watching the haze come off the sand, and I am seeing spots.

I make it to mile 41 (walking and a slight jog)….”where the fuck is the aid station?”

A goatacious babe doing the 50k tells me “I think its just a quarter mile ahead”  I started walking, and the nausea starts.


42 20min mile

43 20min mile

44 20min mile

45-Aid Station 12 miles later…12 fucking miles later

And it is a 12 year old boy with one water cooler sitting in the sun.

Appartently they decided to move it closer to the finish line.

As soon as the water touched my lips I felt the hot vomit wanting to come out.  I had hot gas coming out of me.  I was burping and farting flames.  I chug a bottle and fill the other two.  6 miles left.  I am finishing this shit.  I can run a sub 9 still.

Puke Time.

6 Pukes later I am walking with a happy redhead lady covered in sunscreen.  She helped me run the last 300 yards.  Whoever you are, thanks for keeping occupied the last mile.


10 hours.

Chair?  No chair.  Log though.  Some cutie that I know from instagram is standing there giving me soda.  I must have been looking rough because her face was of pure agony looking at me.

I sat down on this cooler and they handed me a bowl of hot chili.  This girl sits down next to me.  She grabs a beer for me and her and we start talking…

“where the fuck am I right now?”

Am I in the desert

One sip of Tecate

Excuse me

I walk to a ditch.  Puke

Fuck this im going to the hospital

I drive there blurry eyed and puked out the window of my car.

IV in the arm.  I lost 18 lbs and I had a temperature of 104.  But I finished.  FUCK IT is right.

Don’t be afraid to have a shitty day or many many….All of that embarrassments and losses may add up to something great one day.

P.S.  There were dirtbikers on the course fucking with the signs and redirecting people off the course.  One of my australian friends that came to run ended up running an extra 6 miles along with several other people.  These dirtbikers should be put in jail for attempted murder.  Messing with a race in the desert in the heat can actually kill somebody.

And Congrats to Devon (steamboatian neighbor) for the CR and Win….You are a goddamn beast


Jungle always puts me into a dance mood

I seem to always like synthpop and women singers.  I break horses is a perfect example


3/11- Wed-Ski Area-7mi (+3,200ft)

I drank 8 glasses of water at work from noon to 5pm then ran up the ski area.  I never sweated so much in my life.  Some old basterd looked at me and was like “you gotta get that rain cloud off you and cheer up!”  Slow miles around 10-15% slope.

3/12- Thur- Fish Creek-Core Trail 10 mi (+1,000ft)

A fast 10 miles on shoulders and roads.  Average pace was 6:15 min/mile.  3 snowboarder guys with cigarettes in their mouths on the core trail blocked the entire path and I ended up shoulder checking one of them accidently.  He turned around and was like “hey fucker come back here and let me do that to you”….I said “hey that would not be fun” and continued to run.  I tell you what, guys in groups of 3 or more usually end up getting this mob rage inside them where they want to kick everyones ass and keep eachother from ever finding love haha.

3/5-Fri- Barefoot running-3 mi

Barefoot Running is amazing.  I feel so strong barefoot.  Reminds me of this video I saw this morning.  I might start running with one shoe on

3/6-Sat- 34mi (+6,200ft)

Started off with a climb to storm peak.  It is 1 mile to the base area, 5.5 mile +3,700 ft to the top.  There is 0 breaks in upness.  The slush was fucking horrible (one step up half slide back).  There are a few sections of steep moguls that I had to put my hands down and dig into the ground.  One point I just started sliding backwards and went about 30 yards and clipped a tree going about 20mph haha.  It is always a good feeling when someone passes by and you here them say to their friends “I saw that fucking guy at the base area like an hour ago, those colorado guys are nuts!”.  The view from the top over the entire north colorado wilderness area will end you.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Mountains that are 40-50 miles away look so still and silent….so small and peaceful…like you could lift them up with just your finger.    On the way back down some friendly ski ladies from Oklahoma talked to me, which led to one of them video taping me and interviewing me about running.  I felt like such a douchebag since I am like a B rated runner.  I went back to my condo and changed out my socks.  I then proceeded for just a long 22 miler to Emerald and back.  Some cute random girl was running with her dogs and joined me for a few miles and it turns out she has MS.  It is such a heart breaker to know that people can be extremely healthy beautiful and positive and still have something they can’t control. I typically put a disease with someone who already looks unhealthy, but this girl was like perfect.  Sunburnt, weak, and nautious….I bought two dominos pizzas and ate a weed cookie and watched Everybody Loves Raymond the rest of the night haha.


Eating Food from Wake up to Sleep no stops.  I got gummy worms, leftover pizza, kombucha, and chips and piles of dirty dishes and dirty clothes and a laziness of the 8th degree.  I feel like a gummy worm.

3/16-Mon-Day Off

I have a 50 miler in Moab, UT in two weeks.  Gonna take a lotta rest this week


I am so into ambient electronic music…anything that takes me into a deep state of euphoria.  Discovered Obeson this week and they made up hours of my day at work.  This song makes me imagine that I am in some asian futurist city with all white buildings and I got my headphones on zooming around in some crazy train just people watching.

Future Islands is one of the favorite bands right now.  Samuel Herring is one of my favorite frontmen of all fucking time. There are people that feel and people that don’t and he is one that can feel.

Nuages Ghosts is so sexy.  It takes me on some solo moonlight run through some enchanted forest


I bought this Soy Ground Meat that was honestly better than regular ground meat.  I also discovered that my top performance comes after eating Quinoa and Black Bean Burritos on flax tortillas.  I still have extreme running induced heartburn and looking for a cure.  Ideas?


Has anyone studied temperature/weather patterns vs snow flakes styles?  Sometimes I see dippin dots sometimes fluffy sometime tiny and sometimes pinetree shaped and they are all at different temps.

What is it called when you ran out of toilet paper in the bathroom and have to walk with your pants down to your ankles to the closet to grab more.  1 truffle shuffle 2 poop scoot boogie 3 ????

What is the best event overseas to race that you don’t have to qualify for?  I love the idea of going something as a tourist but Im not into visiting cities….I wanna go to some remote village and run the mountains.  Fuck the Eiffel….Fuck that Fucking Eiffel Tower.  Just kidding, I think the Eiffel Tower is amazing for its time.


One of the most beautiful and kind people I know, Elizabeth Greenwell, the wolf of many worlds, shared some poetry with me she wrote recently and I had to share it.  Follow her on instagram @gypsetterlee or her blog http://www.thewanderinggypsetter.com/

Here is my favorite poem of hers.  It takes me to the mountains, to the sky, to anywhere bigger than life

Cliff Diving

Sweet jagged shoulder,

Shrugging upwards from

Your silks,

That rippling fabric

Blue as myth,

Your skin is chapped,

Split open

By tears from the salt

And the ridiculous wind,

The wind that erodes

The luster

Of your youth…

You seem to whither

As I watch.

I am but an ermine,

Clinging to your cloak,

I am your little pet,

And I look up to you with eyes

Of liquid stone

For I want

So much

For you to notice

That I’m frightened,

Regard my need for sustenance.

You are an enigma,

Enticing me

To solve the puzzle of your crevices and wounds,

To dig my fingers deep

Deep into them,

To feel each serrated eyelid,

To study your aeries,

Kissing the aquiline nobility that resides inside you,

We could discuss the convenience of flight.

I want to conquer you

With my knowledge of every crease

That corrupts your once smooth visage…


Once I have conquered you,

I will plunge

Into the azure embrace of innocence once more.


I will look up

In my newfound simplicity,



That I was once an eagle’s equal.

3/3 – 3/10

3/3- Tue-Abs and Back-1 hr on stationary bike

Sometimes I want to jump in front of a bus when I don’t get to run

3/4- Wed- Treadmill 3.1mi 

It was like 4 degrees and icey as balls so I stayed in the gym.

3/5-Thu- Ski Area-15.5 mi (+3000ft)

Took a long lunch.  Saw two porcupines.  So many fat texans telling me I am going the wrong way as I ascend the mountain with the force of two full sized rottweilers.

3/6-Fri-Ski Area to Emerald-17mi (+2,400ft)

Got off work and was like “fuck it” I am going to run at night on the ski area.  It was nice.  Imagine how creepy an entire ski area would look with no one on it.  Saw a moose.


Went to Leadville for Coree’s 25th bday party. Him and his friend yelled at me in rage for a good 4 hours about how big of a bitch I was before I got drunk enough to enjoy it.  Ended up on a solo mission by 11pm.  Headbanged hard for 3 hours at some show.  Puked several times.  Fuck.

3/8-Sun-Hangover Run-5.5 miles (+700)

I woke up wanting to die.  When I got back to steamboat I was nauteous and puked in the parking lot.  But dude, it was like 50 degrees out, I am going running.  I double fisted my UD hydrates bottles and went as far as I could.  Puked again.  Fuck

3/9-Mon-Scoria Loop-10.5 mi-(+1200)

Daylight Savings Time!  And the snow is starting to melt!  The scoria on the shoulders was exposed and  for the first time this year, I felt DIRT (except for RH55k).  Oh how tender and pleasant on my little feet.  It was also warm so I wore the shortest fucking shorts god has to offer.  I blasted out the entire loop in 1 hr and 4 minutes.

3/10-Tue-Scoria Loop-10.5mi-(+1200)

I did the same thing as yesterday but in reverse.  Ran it in 1:20.  Hamstring hurting again.


Another shoutout to @laadonsa for epic tunes.  I swear me and that chick come from the same dirt

Animal Collective is my adventure band no matter what.  It takes me to when I am driving over a mountain pass in the summer and the pines start getting closer to the road.


I have been trying to use food to strengthen my friendship with several people and it ended up strengthening me.  Some chick here in steamboat I get food ideas from.  Shes always weirded out, but my god….Im flying mountains.  My friend Kim of Golden gave me an amazing pancake recipe which I fucked up.  But today I got a new one for Spicy Coconut Noodles (coconut noodles?  holy balls) So excited to try out.  Other than that I am freebasing salads and eating lots of quinoa and beans.


Every girl I talk to seems to be like halfway into me.  Do any girls every go “hey I am all like into you goatacious goat”.

How the fuck does inversion work?

Why do I always see fly fisherman on the yampa not catching anything?

Why is every ultra runner I know so different than every other ultra runner.  Theres like the fashion ones, the hipster ones, the ones who wear toe shoes, the ones who are tiny, the ones who are giants, the tattooed mad ones, the tattooed happy ones, the rockstars, the tan neon ones, the plaid wearing short shorties, the ones who you don’t know what country they are from, and the ones who never really go that fast but shout and yell in happiness a lot…..its like the game twisted metal out there!


Ultrarunning is not alll about the miles.  Its about being tough and strong and making the best out of nothing.  So I gotta reward myself with a few UltraPoints for the Week

+12: Hours of sleep less than 8 I got this week

+5.5: Miles on a hangover

+20:  Creepy things I accidently said to girls that I have to think about later

+2: Running with a bad hamstring

+16:  Hours I worked under pressure


2/23- Mon-Treadmill 6 mi

2/24- Tue- Fishcreek-Core Trail loop 12 mi (+900ft)

Night Run after work.  Petzl Nao and alone with thoughts.  Fishcreek always is kinda weird to run by at night just because of the animals that are everywhere.

2/25-Wed-Worked Late

2/26-Thu-Core Trail Out and Back 10mi (+750ft)

Went for speed- Quite a few low 6min/miles with one 7 min mile as a climbed 500 ft back to my lair.

2/27-Fri-Abs and Back- Yoga

I seem to always have the gym to myself on friday nights.  I tend to just like the weird presence of no one around, almost as the world has stopped and its just me.  The guy working down stairs always plays phantogram, so I took advantage of my favorite tunes and snuck into the group fitness room and did some yoga in the dark.

2/28-Sat-FishCreek-Emerald-21.5 mi (+2500)

It was a painful amount of snow.  Postholing for hours at fishcreek and only going a few miles.  I got paranoid of avalanches being in that deep of snow and that warm of weather.  I ended up B lining it to a road and running up emerald.  Some cuties were walking with their dogs and I accidently tackled one of the dogs when It went to jump on me.

3/1-Sun-Ski Area-Emerald-23 miles (+8000)

Decided I need to do more climbing and did both the ski area twice and emerald twice.  All day it felt like…power hiking up black diamonds with fat tourists blasting by saying typical things like “going the wrong way” etc haha

3/2-Mon-Gym-Barefoot Treadmill-2mi

Trying to Strengthen my feet. Having a lot of issues since I quit wearing arch supports


This one takes me mentally to an underground nightclub in some lifeless city

Atlas Sound is amazing.  This lady I dont know in real life told me to check them out….so thank you @laadonsa


Coconut Oil- So I got crazy into asking people about oil at work, on facebook, online, and at grocery stores.  No one had the same answer.  My most trusted source (Kendra and Jake the bus people) told me two things…dont cook.olive oil low heat with coconut.  So thats what i will.  I will keep the knob at 3 or less for the rest of my fucking life.